Through the viewfinder of my Yashica


I see the world in pictures. Whether I have a camera or not. I frame what I see with a higher conscience of my surroundings. I see a world of light and shadows, colors and contrasts, tones and shades, materials and textures, shapes and lines, scents and rhythms, movements and emotions. I understand what I see and immerse myself in the atmosphere. Taking care to create an emotional connection with what I photograph, I choose to integrate in this context elements that will allow me to suggest, to emphasize, to reveal, to express, to show or to tell. My emotions guide me to press the shutter button.

What is at stake in the combination of sensitivity and vision, between aesthetics and authenticity, is exciting; it’s a search for harmony and symbiosis, feelings and emotions.

For me, Photography is a language, with a vision and intention.

– More coming soon –